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Our fleet of trucks provide timely and onsite delivery to locations across the Finger Lakes. With our trucks’ scissor lift capabilities, delivery is effortless.


Cost Effective

Because anthracite is 82 to 86 percent carbon, it burns at a very high level of BTU’s: 25 million BTU’s per ton. Thus it’s cost per million BTU’s is significantly lower than other fuels.

We Provide the Highest Quality Coal in the Finger Lakes!

Unequaled Comfort

The high level of BTU’s combined with it’s even heat flow, makes anthracite the warmest. steadiest, most comfortable heat source available.


Burning Anthracite today is much different than burning coal in the past. When anthracite is used as the primary heat source, it’s modernized furnace and coal-feeding and ash-removal systems require little effort to maintain. For supplemental heating in a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite burns longer without tending than cord wood or wood pellets.

Safety Advantage

Because creosote does not build up when coal is burned, the threat of chimney fires is eliminated. With proper installation, a coal burning system carries none of the risks of other fuels.

Baby deerEnvironmentally Friendly

The low sulfer and volatile content of anthracite makes it an extremely clean burning fuel.  Anthracite produces virtually no smoke or particulates (a major problem with wood), and can be used as an alternative to wood.  Anthracite’s low sulfer content makes it cleaner than electricity, which is generated primarily from burning high-sulfer bituminous coal.  All anthracite is mined from previously abandoned mines which are then restored.