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Harman Stove Company is the leader in developing technology for efficient, cleaner burning coal stoves. From the economical and durable Mark I to the incredible heating capacity of the Magnum Stoker.   Harman Stove Company gives you the flexibility to choose from the widest selection of sizes, styles, and BTU outputs, enabling you to perfectly match your heating needs and budget, as well as enhancing the decor of your home.

Harman coal stove appliances may burn either pea, nut, or stove coal depending on the model selected . Harman Coal Stove bodies are formed from one solid piece of laser cut 1/4" steel plate for extra strength.  Computerized forming machines mold the bodies to unparalleled precision, then they are robotically welded to produce unmatched weld strength and uniformity.  All Harman Stove coal appliances keep viewing windows cleaner with a standard Harman engineered air wash system. 

Harman coal burning appliances look, operate, and perform differently than anything else available. They are engineered and built from the ground up to burn coal to perfection, in attractive, user friendly designs. For maximum, trouble free heat, Harman coal stoves can't Be Beat.

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